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Welcome to ARN

ARN is an academic Hub that is open to both African and non-African Researchers. Her membership spans across various academic disciplines and  includes Phd Researchers and Early/Late Career Scholars from various Universities in Europe, America, Canada, and many African Nations.


  1. To enhance collaboration and networking
  2. To share information on job opportunities and life generally across the globe
  3. To discuss our publications and ongoing research
  4. To improve our visibility of African Scholars and Authors
  5. To bring African insights into interdisciplinary  and cross-disciplinary approaches to research  themes across the globe.


The network is for any researchers whose research focuses on Africa.

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  1. Organise monthly seminar series with focus on Africa or on topics that would enhance our professional development opportunities.
  2. Organise a yearly conference on issues relating to methodologies, approaches to doing research on Africa
  3. Provide collaborative frameworks for various research projects with stakeholders in UK, US, Canada and Africa [funding bodies, research institutions, think tanks and publishers]
  4. Enabling contexts for academic interaction towards minding the cultural gaps between learning and teaching in Africa and Europe.
  5. Networking with other institutional-based Africa Research Networks e.g DARN, WARN, MARN, AfNet, AFREN, ARUA, etc.